Change the way you manage diabetes

Use BG data and analytics to determine how you manage diabetes on an individual and population level.

Technology Unification

Glooko’s FDA 510(k) cleared, HIPAA compliant diabetes management system is modernizing diabetes management by breaking barriers in technology and building bridges between patients and providers.

It starts with adding simplicity to keeping a logbook. With the Glooko mobile app and Glooko MeterSync Cable, patients can seamlessly download meter readings from a multitude of FDA-cleared glucose meters into their mobile device. This data is now accessible, annotatable, and sharable. Information uploaded by the patient can be shared with their provider through Glooko’s integrated online platform, available on supported web browsers.

Glooko’s system for iOS is currently compatible with 17 FDA cleared meters and 19 meters worldwide. Alternatively, the Glooko system for Android supports data transfer from 21 FDA cleared meters and 22 meters worldwide. By striving to be a singular download platform, Glooko has created a diabetes management system that conforms to everyday life, and that is the way it should be.

Real-Time Contextualization

With the Glooko app, people with diabetes can track their carb intake, insulin dosage, and other lifestyle factors that add meaning to blood glucose readings. Recording notes and other lifestyle factors is made easy because Glooko’s app offers built-in food, insulin and medication databases that streamline the logging process. Through the data charting and analysis mechanisms, average blood glucose readings can be measured by time of day or over a span of time.

Seamless Data Interpretation

Actionable insights are revealed when data is analyzed over the long-term, and when diabetes support teams can process the data. Glooko enables both.

By syncing patient-recorded data to the Glooko Web Dashboard, diabetes management teams have direct access to a patient’s data. Support teams are empowered to spot when large BG fluctuations start becoming a trend rather than an aberration, and manage this high-risk population. During appointments, accurate logbook data on medicine, insulin, and food help clinicians adjust therapy and improve dialogue with their patients. This can lead to better, more sustainable health outcomes.

By creating transparency between patients and providers, Glooko hopes to transform the way healthcare professionals and their patients interact and manage diabetes.