Webinar – How to Bill for Remote Patient Monitoring Services Like a Pro


Date(s) - June 10, 2021 - June 17, 2021
12:00 am



Remote patient monitoring (RPM) can help improve patient outcomes and access to care. Implementing and managing an RPM program in your practice can seem like a long and complex task. In this webinar we simplify the details of a successful program so that you can provide the maximum care and value to your patients.

We will review all new and existing codes to make sure that you understand the requirements when billing for these services.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the remote patient monitoring (RPM) intervention defined by procedure code 99453, and the frequency limit.
  2. Explain the RPM intervention defined by procedure code 99454, and the frequency limit.
  3. Explain the RPM intervention defined by procedure code 99457, and the frequency limit.
  4. Explain the specific RPM intervention as defined by procedure code 99458, and the frequency limit.
  5. State who can render/furnish the interventions described by procedure codes 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458.
  6. Name the types of Medicare providers who can bill Medicare for procedure codes 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458.
  7. Describe the type of digital device that beneficiaries must use to communicate their physiological data to their healthcare team.
  8. Explain the difference between direct supervision and general supervision under the Medicare “incident to physician” billing methodology.


Mary Ann Hodorowicz, RDN, CDE, CEC, MBA

Professional consultant, speaker, and spokesperson who is an expert in diabetes care and education, nutrition, health promotion and insurance reimbursement.


Disclaimer: The content in this webinar is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and is provided as-is. Glooko, Inc. and Mary Ann Hodorowicz Consulting LLC make no representation, warranty or guarantee the information herein is all inclusive or error-free. All responsibility for correct billing lies with the provider of such services.

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