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The Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko App has moved to Glooko!

As of October 3, 2022, the C4C App has moved to Glooko! Users can log in to the Glooko® Mobile App using their C4C account credentials to continue accessing their health data.

Glooko is a trusted source that powers the Cornerstones4Care® App and provides you with an easy-to-use platform where you can see all of your data in one place! The Glooko® Mobile App makes it easy to stay on track in between office visits, see the impact that activity, medication, and carbs have on glucose levels.

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How does it work?

The Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko app empowers you to take control of your diabetes management between appointments

  • Review your diabetes data in easy-to-understand display
  • See the impact that activity, medication and carbs have on glucose levels
  • Share data with your care teams

View your diabetes data from your smartphone

  • Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko empowers you to sync, view and share your diabetes data from
    your glucose meter, insulin pump, or continuous glucose monitor from your smartphone
  • Our app supports the majority of diabetes devices on the market, including meters, smart pens, insulin
    pumps, and CGMs

Gain actionable insights to help you track your progress between appointments

  • Add your blood pressure, weight, food, insulin, and medications to Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko and understand how they affect your blood glucose
  • Utilize key insights to determine when you may need more support from your care team

Leverage education and support tools to help guide you along the way

  • Utilize the educational content on healthy eating and lifestyle choices from Cornerstones4Care® to help you better manage your diabetes
  • Cornerstones4Care® is a free, personalized diabetes support program created by Novo Nordisk, a world leader in diabetes care for more than 95 years

frequently asked questions

What is Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko?

Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko is a diabetes management app that helps you track and manage your diabetes

The app easily syncs data from your blood sugar meter and other diabetes devices, eliminating the need for manual recording

It also includes a complete food database, automated reminders for medications, and educational content on healthy eating and lifestyle choices

How does using this app affect the care plan from my care team?

When you use the app, you can share your data and reports with your diabetes care team so they have the information they may need to make changes to your treatment plan

What if I need help using the app?

Our Support team is happy to help you! Just call 1-800-206-6601, select Option 1 and someone will assist you

What do you do with my data?

When you use the app, your information is securely collected and stored so you can access and view your data

Your personal information collected and generated in the app may also be shared with Novo Nordisk so that Novo Nordisk may collaborate with Glooko to make improvements to the app and improve the overall patient experience

Novo Nordisk may also use your personal information to perform analysis and research for the purpose of gaining insights and knowledge to improve patient support, outreach and outcomes

For additional information, please see the Privacy Policy

How much does the app cost?

The app is free!

How do I get started?

Getting started with the app is easy! Simply download it from the iTunes or Google Play Store and set up and account, and we’ll take it from there


We are protective of your personal data, and we will not share your identifiable data without your consent

If you use Glooko services through a healthcare provider, then your care provider will work with you to manage your diabetes, and your data will be available to your provider, for example when you visit your doctor

In that case, our services are just a portion of the health care operations of your health care provider, just like any other system they may use to provide you with care

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