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Clinical Research

Person exploring data on diabetes and chronic conditions

Power up with connected clinical RESEARCH

Glooko real-world patient data for retrospective studies and a global network of 8,000+ clinics for randomized clinical studies

Why consider a
connected clinical trial?

  • To Increase usage of connected products in decentralized clinical trials due to demand for remote data collection and virtual visits post COVID
  • To capture granular real-world data (RWD) in nearly real time
  • To easily manage multiple devices used in virtual trials
  • To simplify protocols for patients and increase adherence rates
  • To efficiently screen and recruit patients

Glooko partners with you
at every stage of your Connected trial

Protocol Design

  • Use Glooko’s real-world data to help select devices and determine protocol feasibility

Site Selection & Patient Recruitment

  • Get assistance with site selection and patient recruitment

Data Collection

  • Continously collect data in near real time and share with study sponsor throughout trial

Patient Monitoring & Study Management

  • Remotely monitor patients via easy-to-use dashboards for sites and sponsors

Data Export

  • Easily export data in a variety of formats

Glooko is an unmatched source for
real-world data

  • 100 billion+ health data points
  • Globally generated patient data across 30+ countries in 20+ languages daily
  • Robust data sets including blood glucose, insulin, exercise, food, medications, blood pressure, weight and demographics
  • 200+ devices supported
  • Glooko is HIPAA compliant, GDPR compliant, ISO 13485 compliant, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant