Glooko’s Annual Diabetes Data Report – Remote patient monitoring and control trends during the COVID-19 pandemic

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25 Juin, 2021 || Écrit Par: Glooko

Glooko In-Clinic Vs. Remote Based Activity

Glooko is the leading diabetes data management and remote patient monitoring platform used by millions of people with diabetes and thousands of clinics worldwide. Our system has generated billions of real-world data points since 2005, enabling providers to analyze data from over 200 diabetes and biometric devices in a single location to improve patient care. This annual report shares some of the key findings from the global data collected in 2020 during the pandemic.


  • During 2020, we captured millions of data points bringing our repository of real world data to 32+ billion data points
  • When clinics shut down because of the COVID-19 outbreak, uploads from home increased by 36% and remained high even as clinics reopened
  • Glooko users reported lower daily glucose levels immediately after the outbreak and also 5 months later
  • Globally, Glooko users’ glucose readings were within recommended range over 50% of the time. When user testing increased, blood glucose levels decreased
  • Remote care provides clinics and patients with insights to collaborate and manage diabetes despite lack of in-clinic visits. Increased self monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) was associated with decreased mean glucose levels

Download the full report here

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