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Join Glooko’s 2021 Wellness Challenge

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01 Octobre, 2021 || Écrit Par: Glooko

Team Glooko’s 2021 Wellness Challenge

To further our commitment to our community of patients with diabetes, clinical researchers and healthcare providers, Glooko is holding a Wellness Challenge for Team Glooko October 4 to 10, 2021, and we want you to get involved.

Our Wellness Challenge, which leads up to the 30th anniversary of the American Diabetes Association’s virtual Tour de Cure on October 10, will provide you with daily wellness tips and encourage you to improve your health through the Glooko app.

We also invite you to join Team Glooko on the Tour de Cure. With your support and a $30,000 fundraising match from Glooko, we’ll help the ADA continue to provide community-based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure. If you’re interested, register and fundraise, or support our fundraising efforts by donating here.

October 4: Activate your Glooko App
Let’s start the Wellness Challenge by highlighting the importance of creating a comprehensive data picture, containing everything from your blood glucose readings to exercise activity. Begin by downloading and installing the Glooko app, available on the Google Play Store and App Store. After installing the app on your mobile device, create a Glooko account if you don’t already have one and then sync the Glooko app with compatible CGMs, blood glucose meters and fitness and health apps.

October 5: Track your Food Intake
Tracking food intake is vital when monitoring your health. Luckily, food intake can be tracked very easily with the Glooko app, where you can see how different foods affect blood glucose readings. For today’s challenge, we encourage you to add what you consume manually, via the barcode scanner or using voice capture to your Glooko app.

October 6: Track your Weight and Medications and Take the ADA’s Diabetes Risk Test
Did you know the Glooko mobile app can be used to track weight, blood pressure, A1c, exercise, insulin and medication? These lifestyle events can be viewed alongside glucose data to reveal trends and patterns, which can help healthcare providers uncover conditions like prediabetes. For today’s challenge, track your weight and medications in the Glooko app and take 60 seconds to complete the ADA’s Type-2 Diabetes Risk Test.

October 7: Set Reminders
Everyone has busy days which can make it hard to remember when to take medication or blood glucose readings. Luckily, you can set-up reminders within the Glooko app and you’ll be alerted to actions you need to take. For today’s challenge, set a reminder or two in your Glooko app.

October 8: Uncover Health Insights
Glooko’s web app can be used for monitoring your blood glucose readings, Bolus and Basal rates, nutrition and more. For today’s challenge, log in to the web app, see what insights you uncover and use the data to get better control of your health.

October 9: Track your Fitness and Get Active
Daily fitness activity is very important for your overall health, and the Glooko app makes it easy to track your steps and fitness data manually or with compatible third party vendors. For today’s challenge, we encourage you to take 10,000 steps or take part in 30 minutes of moderate activity. Once you’re done, check in the Glooko app how your exercise impacted your blood glucose readings.

October 10: Build Community and Support Tour de Cure
At Glooko, we’re dedicated to collaboration, which we use to develop and strengthen our relationships within the diabetes ecosystem and improve health outcomes of patients with diabetes. Every year, Glooko participates in the Tour de Cure, supporting the ADA’s efforts funding research to take steps closer to a cure and provide resources to healthcare professionals and over 34 million Americans living with diabetes. For today’s challenge, tune in to the live stream of the 30th Anniversary Tour de Cure, a program we proudly support, and share on social media how Glooko, and this week’s Wellness Challenge, has helped you improve your health.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Wellness Challenge! Explore the Glooko app for more ways to help you track your health data and make more informed decisions about your health.

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