Backed by Former Facebook VP Chamath Palihapitiya, Glooko Steps Up Presence in Canada

Glooko demonstrates the Glooko Logbook app and the Glooko MeterSync Cable at the Annual Canadian Diabetes Association conference

PALO ALTO, Calif. – October 4, 2012 – Glooko, Inc., makers of an innovative mobile logbook solution for people with diabetes , today formally introduces its Glooko ™ Logbook app and Glooko MeterSync Cable for iOS devices in Canada. Glooko will demonstrate its solution at the 15 th Annual CDA/CSEM produced by the Canadian Diabetes Association on October 10-13 in Vancouver , BC. The Glooko Logbook mobile app and Glooko MeterSync Cable make it easier for people with diabetes to collect and view the information they need to monitor the ir blood sugar levels .

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, diabetes prevalence has doubled since 2000 and is projected to affect almost 11 percent of the country’s population by 2020. This is expected to cost Canada’s health care system 16 billion dollars annually (1) . M any people with Type 2 diabetes can alter the cours e of the disease for the better with adjustments to diet, increased exercise , and careful ly keeping a logbook using products like Glooko’s solution.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Glooko has strong Canadian ties that include Sundeep Madra , co-founder of both Glooko and Toronto-based Xtreme Labs , and investor and former Facebook vice president , Chamath Palihapitiya . In addition to Glooko, Palihapitiya has made several investments in the health space with an emphasis on using technology to help prevent illness and lower costs.

“Our investments in companies like Glooko hit squarely at the premise that if you can quantify yourself and better understand your body, you can more proactively manage for prevention in stead of treatment and emergency care,” says Chamath Palihapitiya, founder of The Social+Capital Partnership. “If you can become a better pro-active self manager about your health, it ’s better for your well-being, easier on your wallet, and more efficient for the Canadian health care system overall.

”Like much of the Glooko team, Chamath Palihapitiya also has a personal stake in simplifying life for people with diabetes — several of his family members in Canada have diabetes. He knows firsthand that it requires an immense effort to log a myriad of details to become a better self-manager, including testing blood glucose several times a day, counting carbs in every meal, adjusting medications with each dose, and tracking moods and activity levels.

It has been proven that people can better control their diabetes when they can visualize how their behavior is affecting their blood glucose values. A logbook is an essential tool used to help people gain control by providing valuable insight on how their behaviors affect trends in their blood glucose levels. Additionally, this understanding can lead to more productive conversations with healthcare professionals (2).

“ We’re excited to be here in Vancouver to meet the Canadian diabetes educators and healthcare professionals dedicated to helping people with diabetes take control of their disease,” says Glooko Chairman, Yogen Dalal. “ Without an a ccurate and complete logbook, it’s very difficult for these professionals to better guide treatment and coach the lifestyle changes that can make a difference to their patients’ well-being.”

By simply connecting the Glooko MeterSync Cable to one of 17 popular, Glooko-compatible blood glucose meters, users can quickly and accurately download all of their meter readings directly into the Glooko Logbook iOS app with a single click. This eliminates user error and saves time compared to alternatives that depend on manual entry into mobile apps or paper logbooks, making Glooko one of the easiest and most accurate ways to monitor blood glucose readings.

To provide insight into factors that affect blood glucose levels, users can take notes about carbohydrates consumed , insulin administered and other wellness factors, on the go and in real time. When it ’s time to meet with a physician, diabetes educator or other healthcare professional, Glooko users can easily share their logbook via fax or email.

The Glooko Logbook app is free and available for download in the iTunes App Store :

Canadians can purchase the Glooko MeterSync Cable and Glooko IR Adapter online at To learn more about pricing, visit:

About Glooko
Glooko ™ is an innovative Silicon Valley startup with a unique solution for people with diabetes. In November 2011, Glooko launched the Glooko MeterSync Cable and Glooko Logbook app for iOS devices. The products enable people with diabetes to easily collect and view the information needed to help them successfully con trol their blood glucose readings. It has been hailed by users and industry influencers for its ease of use and ability to provide context to daily data collected by people with diabetes. The company was founded in June 2010 by technologist Yogen Dalal and mobile and web app developer, Sundeep Madra. Endocrinologist Michael S. Greenfield, M.D., is chief medical officer. M any on the Glooko team including the founders have a personal connection to diabetes. This is just the beginning as we have plans to sup port more blood glucose meters and smartphones as well as create future products that allow charting and graphing as we pursue FDA clearance.

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(1 ) Source: Canadian Diabetes Association. Diabetes: Canada at the tipping point — charting a new path. 2011.

(2) Source: Knowler WC, Barrett-Connor E, Fowler SE, et al. (2002). New England Journal of Medicine 346 (39

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