Companion Medical and Glooko Announce Partnership Agreement to Integrate Insulin Data for Multiple Daily Injections

SAN DIEGO and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 5th, 2019 – Companion Medical, a leader in the development of advanced insulin delivery technology to improve diabetes care, and Glooko, a leader in diabetes data visualization and management, have announced an integrated data partnership agreement that will enable insulin data from users of the InPen™ Smart Insulin Injection Pen to be integrated into the Glooko® Enterprise diabetes data management system and Glooko® Mobile App. This integration, through Apple Health, will allow users to automatically integrate their insulin data with the Glooko diabetes data management system for clinical evaluation by their healthcare professionals.

“We are thrilled to be working with Glooko to bring integrated multiple daily injection (MDI) insulin data into the Glooko system,” said Companion Medical’s Chief Executive Officer Sean Saint. “Our mission is to bring insulin data together with glucose and other contextual data in a way that is seamless, easy and automatic for both healthcare professionals and their patients. Our partnership with Glooko is an important step in that mission.”

The announcement of this integration is significant because InPen is the first “smart” insulin pen to introduce its data integration and compatibility with the Glooko platform in the U.S. More than 70 percent of the 7.4 million insulin users in the U.S. take their insulin via MDI, and of those, approximately half take it using an insulin pen.

We are excited to launch support for InPen on the Glooko platform,” said Russ Johannesson, CEO of Glooko. “InPen is an innovative solution for calculating insulin doses and tracking insulin injection data. We feel users will get tremendous value out of seeing this data correlated with the food, activity, and glucose information in Glooko to help them make informed treatment decisions when they dose and see diabetes insights and trends over time that may not have been previously known.”

The partnership allows people living with diabetes who use InPen to integrate their multiple daily injection regimen data, both long-acting and rapid-acting, into the Glooko diabetes data platform.

“We believe this is a huge step forward in the development of integrated diabetes management because it allows data never seen before, both long and short-acting insulin, to be integrated with other diabetes data residing in the Glooko platform without the need for downloading or manually entering data,” said Companion Medical’s Chief Technology Officer Mike Mensinger.

InPen is available in the U.S. by prescription only. The Glooko Mobile App is available for free download in the Apple Store and Android Play.

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Companion Medical is a leader in the development of advanced technology to improve diabetes care. InPen™, the first and only FDA-cleared smart insulin pen, combines an innovative diabetes management app with a Bluetooth® enabled pen injector to simplify the constant tracking, monitoring and calculating required for insulin therapy.  InPen addresses many of the issues that people living with diabetes face on a daily basis, including missed insulin doses, miscalculated insulin doses and insulin stacking.

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Glooko’s universal diabetes software products provide insights to improve outcomes for people with diabetes and their care teams. The Glooko product suite contains the Glooko and diasend® diabetes management solutions, which integrate with many of the leading EHR systems used today. Both systems synchronize data from more than 190 diabetes devices and activity trackers, and they deliver integrated, timely and useful patient data, including glucose levels, blood pressure, weight, and food, insulin and medication intake. Trusted by the world’s leaders in diabetes care, our solutions cover more than 2.2 million people with diabetes and are used in 9,000 clinic locations in 23 countries across 15 languages. Learn more by visiting

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