Glooko announces on-the-go insulin pen data uploads via diasend®, increased CGM compatibility – and the all-new Annual Diabetes Report

Gothenburg, Sweden / Mountain View, CA, 19 February 2019 – Glooko, the leader in diabetes data management, is gearing up for the ATTD trade show (Advanced Technologies & Treatment for Diabetes) with several exciting announcements: the launch of Novo Nordisk connected insulin pens on the diasend® platform, compatibility with the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor – and the release of its Annual Diabetes Report, which will be presented to the audience in Berlin later this week.

In early 2017, Glooko and Novo Nordisk teamed up for the initial pilot of the next generation insulin pens. Enrolled patients used Novo Nordisk’s new connected devices as part of their treatment, and shared captured insulin data with their doctors via the diasend® by Glooko in-clinic solution. With diasend®, doctors were able to see and advise patients based on recorded insulin dose data from connected Novo Nordisk pens without having to invest additional time. Now, to raise the bar for patient convenience even further, Glooko is launching the ability to also upload pen data remotely – straight from any near field communication (NFC) equipped Android phone running the diasend® Mobile App.

“Our partnership with Glooko is already helping healthcare professionals to better understand their patients’ diabetes management,” says Søren Smed Østergaard, Vice President of Digital Health at Novo Nordisk. “By integrating our connected, durable insulin pens with the diasend® Mobile App, we will soon help people manage their disease and access healthcare when they need it.”

“This is a big step in using data to improve diabetes management. Until now, data from insulin pens was self-reported and subject to error, or often simply not captured. Our partnership with Novo Nordisk enables this insulin data to be seamlessly synced to diasend®, where patients and providers can easily see the data correlated with glucose levels, activity information and more. This allows much more informed conversations and decisions about the insulin regimen as well as other aspects of the treatment plan” says Russ Johannesson, CEO of Glooko.

The launch of Novo Nordisk’s first connected insulin pens, NovoPen® 6 and NovoPen Echo® Plus, will commence in early 2019. Any health care provider using diasend® in the clinic, and any patient using the diasend® Mobile App on an NFC equipped Android phone, will be able to sync data from the pens.

In addition, Glooko is also rolling out compatibility with Dexcom’s popular G6 continuous glucose monitoring system for the diasend® solution. This means that PWDs can either upload data to diasend® when visiting their health care provider, via the in-clinic upload solution*, or sync continuously by setting up a cloud-to-cloud connection with their Dexcom CLARITY account. The latter is now also possible through the Glooko product, offered in the US.

Lastly, Glooko is presenting its Annual Diabetes Report at the ATTD trade show in Berlin later this week. With a sum total of almost 15 billion data points, readers will once again get to know which country has the lowest average BG value, countries with the highest frequency of hypoglycemia and which day was the best (most time in range) day for people living with diabetes. Glooko also shares real world examples of how the insights it provides improves outcomes for diabetes populations – on average, populations using the Glooko product experience a 12% improvement in blood glucose within three months. For all of that, and more, check out the full report HERE.

* Country availability may vary.

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