Glooko Launches ‘MeterSync Blue’ to Bluetooth-Enable Tens of Millions of Blood Glucose Meters Worldwide

Palo Alto, Calif. – October 2nd, 2014 – Glooko Inc., announced today the launch of Glooko MeterSync Blue, strengthening its position as the industry leader in delivering a mobile, software as a service (SaaS) diabetes remote monitoring and population management platform. Now patients can utilize Bluetooth to connect any of more than 30 popular blood glucose meters to the Glooko platform on Android or Apple devices, as an easier alternative to a physical connection with the current Glooko MeterSync cable.

With the addition of the Glooko MeterSync Blue – featuring Bluetooth Smart™ and Glooko’s FDA-cleared technology-the company’s diabetes management platform provides health systems and payer groups the ability to more cost-effectively enroll diabetes patients into remote monitoring programs without the need for patients to switch to costly, wireless-enabled, blood glucose meters developed specifically for telemedicine. Instead, health systems and payer groups can leverage the tens of millions of meters already deployed to patients worldwide.

“Glooko’s ability to sync blood glucose data from several meters and analyze trends has added efficiency within my clinical practice”, said renowned endocrinologist Dr. Zachary Bloomgarden, Clinical Professor at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. “I am looking forward to using Glooko MeterSync Blue, which should make the platform more valuable by ensuring that patients can more seamlessly share their data with me between visits, particularly those at higher risk, including women during pregnancy and poorly controlled patients initiating treatment with insulin. It should also help with patients who are not at high risk but for whom the ability to review home glucose monitoring results will improve adherence to the increasingly complex regimens of modern diabetes management.

“Glooko facilitates remote monitoring with the Glooko Population Tracker, which delivers pattern recognition algorithms and flags for care managers to easily identify patients experiencing potentially harmful amounts of hyperglycemic (high blood glucose) or hypoglycemic (low blood glucose) events in between clinic visits. By allowing patients to wirelessly sync each blood glucose reading after testing, the MeterSync Blue opens the door for Glooko, in collaboration with health systems and payers, to deliver more real-time reminders and recommendations to patients with diabetes.

For example, Glooko and the Joslin Diabetes Center recently deployed ‘Joslin HypoMap™’ that relies on timely blood glucose data to enable providers and patients to better manage hypoglycemia, which is the predominant cause of hospitalizations for patients with diabetes.

About Glooko Inc.
Glooko is an innovative Silicon Valley company that delivers a FDA-cleared, HIPAA-complaint SaaS and mobile platform designed to improve health outcomes for people with diabetes and reduce the costs associated with diabetes population management. Glooko’s analytics and care management platform includes direct integration to all major glucose meters and other health devices to supply timely, verified patient data such as blood glucose, carbs, insulin, activity, blood pressure, and weight data. Glooko executes diabetes -­ centric analytics and supplies standardized reports, risk flags and insights to health systems and payers via API’s and web-­based tools.

Glooko was founded in 2011 by technologist Yogen Dalal, mobile app developer Sundeep Madra, and Chamath Palihapitiya, then a Facebook senior executive. Endocrinologist Michael S. Greenfield, M.D., is Chief Medical Officer. In addition to the founders, investors include Samsung Ven ture Investment Corporation, Social + Capital Partnership, Lifeforce Ventures, Judy Estrin, and Dr. Russell Hirsch.

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