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With Glooko Logbook Charts , people with diabetes can now graph their blood glucose readings to better understand trends.

PALO ALTO, Calif. & LONDON, U.K .–June 27,2012 – Glooko, Inc ., makers of an innovative mobile logbook solution for people with diabetes , today officially launches its Glooko™ Logbook Charts in the European Union and Glooko Logbook History Report in the US, Canada and European Union. The addition of charts take s monitoring blood glucose readings with the Glooko Logbook app a step further, giving people with diabetes a more in – depth analysis of their blood glucose data through graphs oriented by time of day or by date.

According to the World Health Organization , there are over 20 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the European Union . Today’s introduction of Glooko Logbook Charts in the European Union will help people with diabetes monitor their blood glucose readings to gain better control of their diabetes and become better self – managers of the ir condition. Visualizing and understanding the effects of actions and treatments on blood glucose values can ultimately help people gain control , providing them insight on how to modify their lifestyle.  Additionally, this understanding can lead to more productive conversations with healthcare professionals ( 1)

By simply connecting the Glooko MeterSync Cable to one of the 11 compatible blood glucose meters and an iOS device, users can quickly download all of their readings directly into the Glooko Logbook app with a single click. This eliminates user error and saves time versus alternative s that depend on manual entry or paper logbooks, making Glooko one of the easiest and most accurate ways to monitor blood glucose readings on a smartphone. With Glooko Logbook on their phone, users can take notes about carbs, insulin and wellness factors — on the go in real time .

“As an endocrinologist working with patients for 25 years , I know the value of an accurate and thorough logbook and how it’s key to a physician’s ability to better guide their patient’s diabetes treatment,” says Dr. Michael Greenfield, chief medical officer at Glooko. “At Glooko, we are creating a solution that is easy and intuitive with the hope that we can help change behaviors behind managing diabetes . When patients share their Glooko Logbook Charts with their physician, together they can analyze the impact of specific treatments on their blood glucose readings. Those charts are a great catalyst to create an open dialogue about trends and readings out of range. ”

Graphs and statistics are automatically created when users import their Glooko Logbook CSV file into Excel® with Glooko Logbook Charts . The spreadsheet can be downloaded for free here:

Glooko Logbook Charts – available in the E.U. only
Glooko Logbook Charts provide s three charting options for users : chart by time of day, chart by date , and chart by analysis of time of day. This gives people a comprehensive way to compare blood glucose readings over time so they can view how different factors — from diet and exercise to medication and treatments — impact their readings.

Some additional benefits of Glooko Logbook Charts include :

  • View low and high ranges and percentiles of blood glucose readings , and identify out of range readings plotted over time against personal high and low targets
  • Eliminate the need to download meter readings at physician s’ offices during appointments
  • Provide a visual aid to create an open dialogue with physicians about trends and readings that are out of range
  • Analyze the impact of specific treatments and their impact on blood glucose reading

Glooko Logbook History Report – available in the U.S., Canada and E.U.
In addition to Glooko Logbook Charts, Glooko also releases its new Glooko Logbook History Report. The feature creates a consolidated record of all of the data in the Glooko Logbook app — including blood glucose readings, meal tags, carbs, insulin and comments — aligned by date and time.

“We’ve entered an era where the intersection between technology and healthcare has come to life,” says Glooko Co – founder and Chairman , Yogen Dalal. “ Glooko bridges blood glucose meters with the smartphones we’re all carrying around with us. Ultimately , we’ re hoping to give people with diabetes more context and meaning behind their blood glucose readings to help them control their condition .

” Glooko is backed by some heavy hitters in Silicon Valley , including former Facebook, Apple, and Cisco executives. Together they are committed to helping people with diabetes live life while effortlessly managing their diabetes.

Currently, Glooko Logbook Charts is only available in the European Union where Glooko products are sold on Glooko plans to submit Glooko Logbook Charts to the regulatory authorities in the U . S . and Canada as well, so that its customers in the se countries can also enjoy the new features .

The Glooko Logbook app is free and available for download in the iTunes App Store :

To download Glooko Logbook Charts , Glooko Logbook History Report , and learn more about compatible meters, visit:

To purchase the Glooko MeterSync Cable and Glooko IR Adapter , and learn more about pricing, visit:

About Glooko
Glooko ™ is an innovative Silicon Valley startup with a unique solution for people with diabetes. In November 2011, Glooko launched the Glooko MeterSync Cable and Glooko Logbook app for iOS devices. The products enable people with diabetes to easily collect and view the information needed to help them successfully control their blood glucose readings. It has been hailed by users and industry influencers for its ease – of – use and ability to provide context to daily data collected by people with diabetes. The company was founded in June 2010 by technologist Yogen Dalal, diabetes healthcare executive , Anita Mathew , and mobile and web app developer, Sundeep Madra. Endocrinol ogist, Michael S. Greenfield, M.D. , is chief medical officer. Each founder and many on the Glooko team have a personal connection to diabetes. This is just the beginning of the mission to help people with diabetes live life while effortlessly managing their diabetes.  For more information:

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(1)Source: Knowler WC, Barrett-Connor E, Fowler SE, et al. (2002). New EnglandJournal of Medicine 346 (393).

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