Glooko provides Free Remote Care solution and collaborates with Sanofi to share with medical clinics and people with diabetes

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif, July 9, 2020 – Together, with Sanofi’s nearly 100-year heritage in diabetes and Glooko’s leadership in remotely connecting people living with diabetes and health care professionals, the companies will collaborate to provide people with diabetes with a digital health solution* to help manage their disease under the virtual guidance of their care teams.

The Glooko Remote Care Solution enables people with diabetes to upload and share data from their diabetes devices with their care providers, who can remotely review diabetes data on the Glooko software platform. Healthcare providers can then provide medical guidance to the person with diabetes via phone, text, or email, bypassing the need for a clinic visit. It is currently being provided free of charge, as a public service to broaden access to telehealth and remote diabetes care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At the onset of the pandemic, we quickly realized that we were in a unique position to make a significant contribution towards keeping the diabetes community safe by enabling telehealth and free remote care,” says Russ Johannesson, CEO at Glooko. “We are thrilled to join forces with Sanofi, who share our focus on improving the lives of people with diabetes. Their extensive experience and broad network will support making remote care accessible for even more clinics and people with diabetes.”

“While the world continues to face many challenges as a result of the pandemic, Sanofi is excited to share the Glooko Remote Care Solution with healthcare providers focused on managing diabetes and their patients,” says Chris Boulton, Head of US Diabetes Marketing at Sanofi. “This collaboration puts patient care at the forefront, especially during this stressful time where there is a need for more seamless virtual care.”

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*Sanofi is not contributing to nor subsidizing the free offer.

Glooko is transforming digital health by connecting people with diabetes and their health care professionals, enabling telehealth, clinical research, and improved collaboration.

The company’s software platforms, Glooko® and diasend®, empower diabetes management by collecting and unlocking the power of data from blood-glucose meters, CGMs, insulin pumps, pens, and activity trackers – bringing insights together in one place.

Data is easily uploaded – remotely via app or in-clinic, securely shared, and visualized in actionable charts and graphs. This creates a solid foundation enabling collaboration and confident treatment decisions. The platforms are compatible with the vast majority of diabetes devices available, giving people with diabetes and their care teams the freedom of choice.

2.8 million users have benefited from diabetes data insights using Glooko’s solutions, which are trusted by world leaders in diabetes care, and used in 26 countries across 15 languages. Learn more at

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