Glooko Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for new Diabetes Management System, Hires Diabetes Industry Executives Holly McGarraugh as VP of Business Development and Rita Sharma as VP of Marketing

PALO ALTO, Calif. – May 2 , 2013 – Glooko, Inc., makers of an innovative mobile solution for diabetes management , has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its next-gen Glooko System including its Glooko iPhone application, MeterSync Cable and web dashboards for both patients and healthcare providers . In addition, the company has announced the hiring of Holly D. McGarraugh as Vice President of Business Development and Rita Sharma as Vice President of Marketing .

The new Glooko System is an improved iPhone diabetes application that delivers analytical capabilities and a set of distinct dashboards for patients and providers. The iPhone application allows patients to log medications and foods, including nutritional data on over 200,000 foods and menus from most major restaurants. Through a web dashboard that translates key blood glucose , carb and medication data into statistics and graphs, providers are better able to manage their patients with diabetes. These new capabilities give providers and their patients a comprehensive way to evaluate blood glucose readings over time so they can create therapy adjustments related to insulin, medication, diet and exercise.

“The Glooko system is the innovation that clinicians have demanded in diabetes care,” said Michael Greenfield, MD, Chief Medical Officer. “Creating a unified diabetes management platform helps clinicians help their patients — more efficiently, more effectively.” The Glooko System now supports 19 of the leading blood glucose monitors , connecting via the MeterSync Cable to extract readings directly from the meter . Providers will also be able to use a kiosk – type system in their practice s to replace proprietary PC – based systems that rely on dozens of meter specific cables and software applications. The new system is expected to come to market in May 2013.

Holly McGarraugh joins the Glooko team as the vice president of business development. McGarraugh brings over 25 years of diabetes industry experience to Glooko. Previously, McGarraugh served as Vice President of Abbott’s in vivo World Wide Business Unit and was Vice President of Professional Relations and Customer Support at TheraSense, makers of the FreeStyle TM blood glucose monitor. McGarraugh was an original start – up management team member at TheraSense, which was subsequently purchased by Abbott for $ 1.2 billion. McGarraugh was an early member of LifeScan, a Johnson and Johnson Company, in a variety of key roles.

Rita Sharma also join s the Glooko team as the vice president of marketing. Sharma comes to Glooko with over 15 years of industry experience in healthcare and diabetes technologies. She spearheaded LifeScan’s strategic shift from measurement to diabetes data management , successfully launching diabetes management products for professionals and people with diabetes globally. Sharma also led Healthcare Market Development for Handspring ( now Palm ) , including a partnership with Roche and Therasense , to bring to market the first generation of smart glucose monitoring products based on the Hand spring mobile platform.

“We are thrilled at the speed and efficiency with which the FDA cleared our latest product through the 510(k) process,” said Rick Altinger, Glooko CEO. “With seasoned diabetes executive s now on the Glooko team, we expect to fundamentally shift the standard of care in diabetes management and achieve the outcomes that providers and patients have been eagerly anticipating.”

Glooko offers a mobile diabetes management solution that transforms the way patients and their healthcare teams interact and manage diabetes. Their first generation product received FDA 510(k) clearance in December 2012 . It allowed patients to seamlessly transfer blood glucose data from all major blood glucose meters to a mobile application. Their next – gen application and cloud platform creates an automatic logbook, including statistics and graphs, which is presented to the healthcare team on a web dashboard or can be integrated into their EHR. The latest solution, at the intersection of population health and patient engagement, aims to disrupt the industry as it has the potential to both improve outcomes and lower costs.

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About Glooko
Glooko™ is an innovative Silicon Valley startup with a unique solution for people with diabetes. Glooko’s products – Glooko app for iOS devices and MeterSync Cable – enable people with diabetes to easily collect, view and share the information needed to help them successfully control their blood glucose readings. It has been hailed by users and industry influencers for its ease of use and ability to deliver context to daily data collected by people with diabetes on both a mobile and web – based platform . The company was founded in 2010 by technologist Yogen Dalal and mobile and web app developer, Sundeep Madra. Endocrinologist Michael S. Greenfield, M.D., is chief medical officer. Many on the Glooko team including the founders have a personal connection to diabetes. Glooko is backed by several Silicon Valley innovators, including former Facebook, Apple and Cisco executives. Together they are committed to helping people with diabetes live their lives while effortlessly managing their diabetes.

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