Glooko to Highlight Integration of Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Data into Its Diabetes Management Platform at ADA 2015 Conference

Addition of Insulin Pump & CGM data , used for intensive glucose management of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, enhances utility of Glooko’s remote monitoring and predictive glucose analytics tools for high-risk diabetes patients and their healthcare providers .

Palo Alto, Calif. – June 3 , 2015 – Glooko Inc. today announced it will demonstrate its integration with Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) at the American Diabetes Association’s 75 th Scientific Sessions , adding to the diabetes population management platform’s existing support for 30+ blood glucose meters, popular activity trackers, and biometric monitors for blood pressure and weight . Glooko’s presence at the conference, occurring June 4-8, 2015 in Boston, MA, will include a presentation at the Insulet booth as well. Glooko will demonstrate it’s end-to-end platform at booth #104.

Glooko’s integration with insulin pumps and CGMs meets the growing demand from ACOs and progressive health system s for on-demand, remote access to diabetes data associated with the significant subset of their diabetes population requiring regular glucose monitoring and tight regulation of insulin levels. According to The Diabetes Device Market Outlook to 2016 published by Business Insights, insulin pumps, which deliver rapid-acting insulin 24 hours a day through a catheter placed under the skin, are used by 33% of people with Type 1 diabetes , while CGMs, used to measure glucose levels in real-time throughout the day and night, are expected to be used by up to 25% of people with Type 1 diabetes in 2016. The study indicates that t he projected market valuation associated with the se diabetes devices in 2016 is $2.9B and $763M, respectively.

“Utilizing Glooko’s remote monitoring functionality, ACOs and health systems can access risk-stratified patient data on-demand after a patient syncs his or her diabetes device to a smartphone ,” said Rick Altinger, Glooko’s CEO. He continued, “With Glooko’s addition of Pumps and CGMs, care teams can better track and manage people who are starting or continuing intensive insulin therapy to improve their overall care which may ultimately improve their health outcomes.”

In conjunction with supporting Insulin Pumps and CGMs, Glooko has added the ‘Pump Day View’ and ‘Pump Insights’ as new functionality to its platform. The ‘Pump Day View’ will allow seamless correlation amongst a patient’s basal and bolus insulin records, carb intake, exercise, and glucose readings from the patient’s CGM or blood glucose meter. The ‘Pump Insights/Settings’ view provides clarity on the impact of pump suspends, temporary basal events, and site changes on blood glucose levels. By leveraging Glooko’s diabetes device agnostic approach, ACOs, health systems, and people with diabetes can visualize data from their preferred combination of insulin pumps, CGMs, blood glucose meters, and fitness trackers in Glooko’s standardized, best-in-class diabetes data views.

In conjunction with the ADA conference, Glooko will be presenting at The DiabetesMine D-Date Exchange meeting on Friday, June 5th, held at the Cambridge Innovation Center. The company will also be sponsoring the 9th Annual ADA Forum, hosted by diaTribe and TCOYD, at the Seaport Boston Hotel on Monday, June8th.

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