Improving Diabetes Outcomes
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How it Works
Joslin HypoMap FDA Cleared 30+ meters supported
What is glooko

Glooko's mobile, cloud based diabetes management system serves patients, providers & payers by syncing blood glucose data from 30+ meters to Apple & Android devices, facilitating patient lifestyle data aggregation, and layering on smart analytics for diabetes population management.

Using Glooko's MeterSync™, people with diabetes can sync their blood glucose readings from 30+ popular meters directly to supported Apple and Android devices.

Using the Glooko™ App, people with diabetes can interact with their blood glucose readings and add lifestyle context including carbs, insulin & medication, and activity data.

Leveraging Glooko's mobile, cloud-based solution, the Glooko Population Tracker™ enables providers & payers to risk stratify their diabetes population and remotely view data on individual patients.

"Creating a unified diabetes management platform helps clinicians help their patients - more efficiently, more effectively."

- Michael S. Greenfield M.D., Chief Medical Officer

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