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Glooko Showcases Its Connected Care Innovations and Strong Partnerships at ATTD 2023

Glooko at ATTD 2023

Marzo 17, 2023 || Autor: Glooko

Glooko at ATTD 2023

Glooko at ATTD 2023At the 16th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2023) in Berlin, Team Glooko had the exciting opportunity to meet new and old friends on the tradeshow floor and offer live demonstrations of the innovative Glooko and Glooko XT connected care platforms at our stand.

And the conference was all about our partnerships with leading global diabetes companies.

Glooko and Dexcom at ATTD 2023We hosted Dexcom, Novo Nordisk and Tandem in our stand to demonstrate how the Glooko platform works with their products for people living with diabetes and their care teams. We also joined these three industry partners in their stands to demonstrate how the Glooko connected care platform works with their digital health innovations and devices.

Glooko and Sanofi at ATTD 2023We announced our new partnership with Sanofi, which gives people with diabetes more choices in customizing their diabetes management by integrating the SoloSmart® cap for SoloStar® insulin pens with the Glooko connected care platform. This new integration will help improve insulin management and tracking, while supporting insulin dosing data.

While we already support an extensive and growing list of diabetes and health monitoring devices, Team Glooko met with over 45 of our partners to discuss how to bring more digital health solutions to healthcare providers.

Our poster presentation, “Remote Patient Monitoring and Glycemic Control Trends During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” highlighted the effectiveness of our remote care platform’s capabilities when healthcare delivery needed to rapidly shift due to stay-at-home orders, but clinicians needed to remain engaged and provide care to their patients with diabetes.

Glooko and diaTribe Foundation at ATTD 2023We were also a proud sponsor of the diaTribe Foundation and ATTD’s panel discussion, “Solvable Problems in Diabetes,” with leading experts around continuous glucose monitoring, time in range and associated therapeutic and data-driven interventions for people living with diabetes.

After an action-packed few days, our team is already looking forward to showcasing our latest innovations next year at ATTD 2024 in Florence.

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