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Academy™ for U.K. and Ireland Healthcare Providers Adds Module to Further Training on Connected Pens Used by People with Diabetes

Glooko Academy Connected Smart Diabetes Pens

21 Juillet, 2022 || Écrit Par: Glooko

Glooko Academy Connected Smart Diabetes Pens

This month, Academy™, a free educational platform Glooko developed in conjunction with the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD)/Diabetes Technology Network UK (DTN-UK) and DigiBete, launched a new training module on connected pens used by people with diabetes. This marks the eighth module on the CPD accredited platform for healthcare professionals in the U.K and Ireland to improve their knowledge of diabetes technologies.

The new course educates healthcare professionals on the benefits of connected pens, the different types of smart insulin pens available and how the data generated by these pens can be used in clinical practice to support people with diabetes.

“Smart pens are another emerging tool that can help us get a more complete picture of what is causing the ups and downs that are so frustrating for people living with diabetes,” said Dr. Pratik Choudhary, professor of diabetes, Leicester Diabetes Centre, University of Leicester, UK and chair of DTN-UK. “We’re really pleased to launch the latest course in Academy™ to help support healthcare providers in making the best use of this technology.”

For people with diabetes, connected pens allow accurate and up-to-date recording of the timing and doses of insulin administration. Healthcare teams supporting patients using connected pens are able to gather a more complete picture of their patients’ diabetes therapy and can help understand causes of high or low blood glucose readings. This innovative connected pen technology combined with digital health platforms packed with data, like Glooko, can enable care teams to make informed decisions around insulin dosing for their patients.

“Connected pens are the latest exciting diabetes technology development, designed to enable integration of both glucose and insulin data to facilitate more detailed and informed discussions in the diabetes clinic,” said Dr. Emma Wilmot, consultant diabetologist, University Hospitals of Derby & Burton; founder, ABCD/DTN-UK; and honorary (clinical) associate professor, University of Nottingham.

Healthcare professionals in the U.K. and Ireland who are interested in advancing their knowledge of the latest diabetes technologies can register for Academy™ for free.

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