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5 Key Takeaways about Remote Patient Monitoring from HIMSS22


March 24, 2022 || Written By: Glooko


HIMSS22 was filled with collaboration, especially about RPM. Here are five key takeaways from Team Glooko.

#1: The key to achieving RPM success is ease of use.

Ease of use is key when it comes to RPM success. There has been a proven sustained reduction in HbA1c with Glooko RPM for patients with type 2 diabetes, which shows how imperative it is to have an easy-to-use solution for both patients and care teams.

“Data should flow to the app with minimal patient effort and on the other side, every member of the care team should see it on a screen of their choice be it an electronic health record (EHR) or a population health management (PHM) app.”

Prakash Menon
Chief Technology Officer at Glooko

#2: Innovative RPM solutions empower patients and care teams.

Managing chronic conditions effectively is critically important. Innovative RPM solutions empower patients, healthcare providers and health plans’ diabetes and chronic care management teams to manage conditions more effectively. Adopting digital health technology to manage patient populations’ health data helps reduce the provider’s cognitive burden by securing all data available on a single platform for each visit, which allows effective care delivery models.

“The players in this connected care ecosystem all need to share the same data sets and work toward improved health outcomes in order to increase the quality of care and reimbursement by payers.”

Derek Kren
Vice President, Payer & Employer at Glooko

#3: RPM breaks down the silos amongst care teams.

Silos in healthcare are a thing of the past. Coordination and collaboration are key to effective treatment, and digital RPM solutions make records streamlined like never before.

“These innovative solutions get patient-centric information to the right place and result in less chart chasing and better cross-care team coordination for people with chronic conditions like diabetes.”

Kevin Brubaker
Regional Vice President of Enterprise Health Systems at Glooko

#4: RPM creates connected care.

RPM creates seamless connected care between clinicians and people living with chronic conditions. In the context of connected care, mobile-enabled RPM involving connected diabetes devices and coaching can improve access to care and glycemic outcomes.

“This healthcare delivery method enables care teams to receive real-time data on their patients and allows them the opportunity to make adjustments to improve health outcomes. The efficiency that RPM creates can be seen immensely from both the clinician and person living with these conditions.”

Cameron Trotter
Product Marketing Manager at Glooko

#5: RPM is here to stay.

There’s a lot of interest in the RPM space as a result of COVID-19. Telehealth grew during COVID-19, and the use of these digital health platforms are here to stay. Glooko has, and continues to, discuss the future of telehealth in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

“We’re seeing that RPM and the use of digital health platforms will continue well beyond the pandemic as it’s become an effective way for patients and their healthcare providers to collaborate on their care plans.”

Laura Mensch
Senior Account Manager at Glooko

Final Thoughts

Team Glooko observed a vast amount about RPM during HIMSS22:

  • Ease of use is the key to RPM success.

  • Innovative RPM solutions empower not only patients, but also care teams.

  • RPM breaks down silos amongst care teams, allowing for cross-team patient care.

  • Blood glucose and insulin-related statistics

  • Seamless, connected care starts with RPM.

  • RPM and telehealth will be continued practice for the future.

Watch this video to learn more about Glooko at HIMSS22:

If you missed a live demo at HIMSS22, no worries! Contact us now, and a team member will reach out shortly to arrange a demo.

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