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Glooko Release 21.4 Brings Localized Unit of Measurement, Additional Data and Expanded Device Compatibility

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December 16, 2021 || Written By: Glooko

Glooko Release 21.4

At Glooko, we’re always innovating and expanding the features of our platform for people with diabetes and chronic conditions. Through user research, we’ve implemented a series of updates in Glooko Release 21.4 for professional and personal users.

“In this release, we wanted to ensure patients using our digital health platform were having a more seamless experience and healthcare providers could access more powerful analytics,” said Sebastian Dreijer, Glooko’s director of product management for EMEA. “By introducing a default localized unit of measurement feature and additional devices compatible with Glooko, we’re expanding our reach globally while adapting our features to meet the needs of local markets.”

To simplify Glooko account set-up for healthcare providers and patients, newly created accounts will now default to the local unit of measurement. Patients who register with Glooko directly will have their unit of measurement set to the default for their country of residence, while patients who have their account created in a clinic will have their unit of measurement set to the clinic’s defined unit of measure. These settings can also be adjusted in your Glooko account profile.

Glooko Tandem LGS PLGS

For healthcare providers, care teams and people with diabetes using Tandem Basal-IQ and Control-IQ, there is now additional data available, including a bi-hourly analysis detailing the percentage of LGS/PLGS suspended and the number of suspensions for each bihourly segment, as well as additional insulin information. The Overview graph for a 1-day time period will now detail the amount of scheduled basal insulin units and include the number of units for both bolus and basal insulin on the insulin pie chart.

Additionally, we have expanded Glooko’s device compatibility to include:

  • Ypsomed Mylife Cloud: It is now possible to connect a Mylife Cloud account to Glooko for wireless syncing

  • Abbott Freestyle Libre (Sweden/Norway Only): The Freestyle Libre can now be uploaded via both Transmitter and Glooko Uploader

  • Abbott Freestyle Libre 2 (Sweden/Norway Only): The Freestyle Libre 2 can now be uploaded via the Glooko Uploader

With the human body turning carbohydrates into glucose, blood sugar levels rise when you eat foods with carbohydrates. That’s why we’ve updated the Carb Display on the Overview graph on the Glooko Web App to make it easier to see manually entered carbs and device synced carbs within the Carbs section. Carb entries entered within 10 minutes of each other will now be grouped together and each carb entry is visible when hovering over the value on the graph.

Glooko Parental Guardian Consent

For patients using Glooko, account creation for minors in some regional jurisdictions now requires a parent or guardian email to be added during the registration process. Consent agreements will be sent to the parent or guardian email entered during registration. Once the parent or guardian reviews and accepts the consent and selects ‘Activate Account,’ the minor can access and utilize his or her Glooko account.

For the full release notes, click here.

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