Annual Glooko Study Identifies Global Diabetes Insights

Report draws on 8.5 billion diabetes data points, one of the largest bodies of combined diabetes data in the world

Mountain View, California and Gothenburg, SwedenFebruary 5, 2018 – Glooko, the leader in diabetes data management, today released its annual, comprehensive diabetes report based on analysis of over 8.5 billion de-identified data points. The report observes trends based on information collected from more than 1.5 million people with diabetes (PWDs) globally and includes by-country views of glycemic trends, occurrences of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, and insulin usage.

“Glooko’s ability to understand diabetes patterns and trends globally is unique due to our ability to capture data from over 95% of the diabetes devices on the market, collecting information from more than 1.5 million PWDs. This year’s benchmark produced compelling behavioral insights about global diabetes populations, which can be used to better grasp the habits of people with diabetes,” said Dave Conn, Chief Commercial Officer of Glooko.

Notable findings in the report include:

  • PWDs in Australia trend towards the highest average blood glucose (BG), averaging 194 mg/dL (a 1.9% increase in average BG compared to 2016 findings), while those in Belgium trend towards the lowest average BG with 156.8 mg/dL, a 0.8% decrease in average BG compared to 2016). In 2016, Canada had the highest average BG and Belgium had the lowest average BG;
  • PWDs in the Netherlands experienced the highest frequency of hypoglycemia (the percentage of days with one or more readings <70 mg/dL, 3.9 mmol/L), and PWDs in Belgium the lowest;
  • September 28th was the best day of the year in terms of glycemic control, while January 1st was the worst;
  • Valentine’s Day was the holiday PWDs generally experienced the highest average BG, topping Halloween, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve;
  • PWDs in Australia averaged the most continuous sleep (nights with the least number of interruptions for BG testing), repeating the country’s position in the 2016 report.

“This kind of valuable data collection and analysis allows us to identify broader trends, compare best practices internationally and drive improved care outcomes for people with diabetes on a global scale,” said Dr. Michael Greenfield, Chief Medical Officer of Glooko. “As physicians, we know the value of actionable data on an individual level, but as stewards of public health, we must also consider broader implications for global economics and the research and development community.”

For more information & insights, download the report here.

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