Fit4D and Glooko Join Forces To Provide End-to-End Solution for Diabetes Management

Partnership to marry technology platform with human coaching, aims to improve outcomes for patients and care teams

Mountain View & New York, New York, California, April 27, 2017 – Fit4D, a diabetes patient engagement solution, announced a partnership today with Glooko, a global diabetes data management company, to deliver highly personalized, data-driven coaching and a mobile health solution to patients and care providers.

The Glooko/Fit4D collaboration, which leverages user-specific data for timely and customized interventions, aims to improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance patient-coach relationships. Combining Fit4D’s clinically expert coaches with Glooko’s device agnostic technology platform creates one of the marketplace’s most scaleable, integrated diabetes management offerings.

“We always look for ways to deliver better support to our patients, so we are excited to partner with Glooko,” said David Weingard, CEO of Fit4D. “Glooko’s mobile solution, providing access to glycemic data, complemented with contextualized lifestyle tracking, provides Fit4D even more insight into how our patients are doing so we can provide them with the support they need, when they need it most.”  Weingard shares, “With the Glooko collaboration, Fit4D can offer a comprehensive patient engagement solution that delivers on positive patient experience, an opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty for our pharma clients, while creating value to payers, providers, and employers seeking to provide services to individuals with chronic diseases, like diabetes.”

Glooko enables Fit4D to extend the impact of personal coaching through data and insights while Fit4D provides Glooko patients and clients with the turnkey “human touch” component that drives sustained behavior change. Glooko’s mobile app enables people with diabetes to automatically sync their blood glucose data from over 95% of the blood glucose meters, CGMs and insulin pumps available on formulary and then augment that data with food, exercise and medication data. That data is then made available to Fit4D coaches through the Glooko Population Tracker.

With the support of Fit4D clinical educators, patients will receive additional motivation and education to engage more meaningfully with the Glooko platform – from how to sync their data to understanding what their data means to them.

“Fit4D’s depth of clinical experience and years of diabetes expertise extends the value of the Glooko diabetes management platform and offers organizations without coaching an integrated diabetes management solution,” said Rick Altinger, CEO of Glooko. “Combining the quantitative data from Glooko with the expert coaching and qualitative data on patient barriers and confidence from Fit4D allows us to jointly provide a flexible end-to-end solution that provides important and relevant support to people with diabetes.”

Fit4D is a technology-enabled health coaching solution that scales the ability of expert certified diabetes educators (CDEs), to reach and engage patients. Fit4D clients include pharmaceutical companies with a branded drug or device seeking to improve initiation and adherence, and payers looking to improve health outcomes and quality measures.

The company’s team of CDEs across the country leverage the Fit4D technology platform to engage patients with personalized plans that address the individual barriers one faces when learning to self-manage the condition. Coaching topics include diabetes education, tips and tactics to initiate therapy and improve medication adherence, the importance of preventive care, nutrition, exercise, advice to overcome psychosocial barriers, weight management and more.

Glooko’s diabetes management solution offers mobile and web based tools that sync with patients’ preferred diabetes devices – no switching needed. Powerful algorithms that identify important glucose trends and the ability to correlate the impact of food, activity and other lifestyle choices on glucose values give Glooko patients and the thousands of care teams who use Glooko, the insights they need to make better decisions.

About Fit4D
Fit4D’s mission is to enrich the lives and the improve health outcomes of people living with diabetes and other chronic diseases worldwide. Fit4D delivers scalable and cost-effective personalized patient programs using a technology platform to optimize the mix of digital and human-based touch points. The Fit4D clinical team of certified diabetes educators (CDEs) is comprised of dietitians, exercise physiologists, nurses, and social workers, who are passionate about empowering people with diabetes to live rich, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Fit4D’s Fortune 500 clients include pharmaceutical, payer, provider and wellness companies. Fit4D has also engaged in numerous joint initiatives with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, American Diabetes Association, and the Diabetes Research Institute.

Fit4D is also a Startup Health transformer company. For more information, visit:

About Glooko
Glooko is the leading diabetes management solution and is trusted by the world’s leaders in diabetes care. Glooko provides an FDA-cleared, HIPAA-compliant Web and Mobile application designed to improve health outcomes for people with diabetes, which in turn reduces costs for payers and the healthcare system. Glooko seamlessly syncs with over 50 diabetes devices and major fitness and activity trackers and supplies timely, verified patient data such as blood glucose, carbs, insulin, blood pressure, diet and weight data. Glooko’s mobile app enables patients to easily track and proactively manage all aspects of their diabetes care. Glooko’s population management web app and APIs offer diabetes-centric analytics and insightful reports, graphs and risk flags to health systems and payers. For more information, visit:

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