Glooko Announces Compatibility With Medtronic MiniMed Insulin Pumps and Sensors at the 2016 American Diabetes Association Conference

Upon release Medtronic users and clinicians will have access to retrospective data insights from their Medtronic devices using Glooko’s Mobile and In-Clinic Apps

Mountain View, Calif. – June 10, 2016 – Glooko Inc., the leading unified platform for diabetes management, today announced compatibility with Medtronic MiniMed ® insulin pumps and sensors. Glooko will demonstrate the integrated solution at the 76th Annual Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association from June 10 – 13, 2016 in New Orleans. The integrated solution highlights optimized workflows for both patients and clinics in downloading data from Medtronic insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors. In addition, it offers the ability to analyze the correlation of insulin data with blood glucose readings from over 50+ blood glucose meters, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) as well as from exercise and biometric devices.

“By integrating into the Glooko diabetes management platform, we now provide safe and secure access to meaningful diabetes information, beyond just device data, and new disease management solutions. Our partnership with Glooko reflects our overall strategy to become a holistic diabetes management company and provide new solutions for people with diabetes, for greater freedom and better health,” said Annette Brüls, President of Diabetes Service and Solutions at Medtronic.

Glooko is the first mHealth and Remote Patient Monitoring diabetes platform compatible with Medtronic insulin pumps and sensors. Glooko makes this data available for people with diabetes (PWDs) to use and analyze on the go via the Glooko Mobile App by enabling users to seamlessly access their data in Glooko on their iOS and Android phones. Glooko enables clinics to sync popular diabetes devices and analyze glucose, insulin, exercise and diet trends via the Glooko Office Kiosk, enabling improved engagement with PWDs during their office visits. Glooko also makes it easy for care teams to remotely support Medtronic patients through the Glooko Population Tracker, which provides them with on-demand remote access to patient data in between visits.

“Providing users of Medtronic insulin pumps and sensors, with retrospective insights about their insulin dosing and its impact on their glucose levels on their phone can make a real difference in their overall health and outcomes,” said Rick Altinger, CEO of Glooko.

He continues, “Being the first to deliver a remote patient monitoring and mobile health solution that includes Medtronic data provides the patient population with a capability that can really have an impact.”

Glooko’s Medtronic-integrated release includes:

  • Easy syncing of Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump and sensor data to both the Glooko Mobile App and Glooko Office Kiosk
  • Correlation analysis of blood glucose and continuous glucose monitor readings to basal and bolus insulin doses, exercise and carb intake
  • Summary statistics and ratios of insulin to carbohydrates and exercise
  • Analysis of the impact of insulin doses on glucose by day of week and time of day
  • Insights about the impact of insulin pump set/site changes, suspends and temp basal increases and decreases on blood glucose levels
  • Access to Medtronic’s CareLink® reports directly in Glooko is planned to be available later this summer
  • And more!

Glooko plans to make this integration generally available in July of 2016. Glooko will be offering a limited time promotion to purchase a discounted version of the Glooko Kiosk with Medtronic support. To sign up for the promotion, click here . Once available, Medtronic users can simply download the Glooko Mobile App from the iOS or Android App Store to get started.

Contact Glooko for more information about how you can get the Glooko Patient Mobile App or Glooko Office Kiosk for in-clinic download and analysis of Medtronic Insulin Pumps and Sensors and 50+ other devices.

MiniMed® and CareLink® are registered trademarks of Medtronic plc .

Glooko is the world’s leading Unified Platform for Diabetes Management and is trusted by the world’s leaders in diabetes care. Glooko provides an FDA-cleared, HIPAA-compliant web and mobile application, which aims to improve health outcomes for people with diabetes, in turn reducing costs for payers and the healthcare system. Glooko seamlessly syncs with over 50 blood glucose meters, pumps, CGMs, fitness and activity trackers, and supplies timely, verified patient data such as blood glucose, carbs, insulin, blood pressure, diet and weight data. Glooko’s mobile app enables patients to easily track and proactively manage all aspects of their diabetes care. Glooko’s Population Management web app and API’s offers diabetes-centric analytics and supply insightful reports, graphs and risk flags to patients, health systems and payers, as well as third party developers. Learn more at, and follow us at and

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