Glooko Unveils Redesigned Mobile App

Redesigned Glooko Mobile App

Redesigned Glooko Mobile App

Enhancements Offer a More Seamless Experience and Pave the Way for ‘Precision Engagement’ Healthcare

Palo Alto, CA, USA – May 9, 2023 – Glooko, Inc., today announced the redesign of their award-winning mobile app for its connected care platform, that will provide a more streamlined experience for its mobile users. The sleek, modern design makes it even easier to navigate all of Glooko’s robust mobile app features for better diabetes management. When connected to the user’s healthcare providers (HCPs), the latest version of the app also includes enhancements that will allow for personalization of their care via an upcoming advancement called ‘Precision Engagement.’

“As a global leader in Connected Care, Glooko has been at the forefront of leveraging our mobile app for improved diabetes management,” said Ed Marshall, Chief Product Officer at Glooko. “With today’s increasingly fragmented healthcare delivery, it’s a privilege and a huge opportunity for Glooko to strengthen the connections between patients and their care team. This is an important investment Glooko is making to continue to upgrade the user experience, making it more convenient, more personalized, and ultimately more impactful.”

While developing the new app experience, user engagement was key. The app redesign was informed by feedback from Glooko users who will see visual improvements and a new unified design as part of an overall evolution of the digital health platform.

The enhancements include the following:

  • User Interface and Data Visualization -> The new mobile app design makes it easier for users to organize their data in one place and share with their HCPs; i.e. glucose trends, insulin doses, food, exercise, weight and blood pressure. Users will see their health care team or clinic name at the top of the screen and can click to share reports with their HCP and see all active care teams in one place.

  • Home Screen -> New navigation helps users access popular features efficiently like food logging and sharing data with care teams, available with one scroll and featuring the most current data on their health. The home screen one-scroll feature also includes: profile settings, care team name, goals, history, connected devices, button to add new event, charts and graphs with two weeks of data.

  • Onboarding Process -> For users new to Glooko, the onboarding experience is now easier; the reimagined onboarding process is guided and walks new users through it in a simple, “bite-sized” way that allows them to do it at their own pace. New users are guided to more easily: select a glucose device, select an insulin device, complete their profile.

  • Precision Engagement -> The new design was built with the specific ability to house Glooko’s upcoming functionality of ‘Precision Engagement.’ Precision Engagement tools leverage environmental, behavioral, and physiologic data from medical devices, wearables, consumer devices, and smartphones to better understand an individual’s unique preferences, habits, and environment. With these unique insights, Glooko detects the right moments and aims to deliver personalized recommendations to help influence behavior. More to come from Glooko on Precision Engagement in the near future.

The updates coincide with other major milestones for Glooko:

  • The mobile app is available globally in 30+ countries and 20+ languages and growing.

  • Glooko is now compatible with over 200 diabetes and biometric devices worldwide, the largest compatibility of any connected care platform.

  • Over 8,000 clinics globally provide care to patients using Glooko.

  • Glooko is the only connected care platform that is compatible with all the major smart insulin pens and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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