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Glooko Webinar with Fierce Healthcare Covers Promising Outlook for Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring

January 28, 2022 || Written By: Glooko

Fierce Healthcare Glooko Remote Patient Monitoring Webinar

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) have been found to effectively manage patient and population health.

During a webinar with Fierce Healthcare last month, Glooko CEO Russ Johannesson joined Tufia Haddad, MD, Chair of Practice Innovation and Platform, The Mayo Clinic and Professor Carri W. Chan, PhD, Professor, Division of Decision, Risk and Operations and Faculty Director, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program, Columbia Business School, to discuss the benefits of healthcare providers using these innovative healthcare technologies to treat patients.

The panel began with a deep dive into what each leader learned on the effective use of remote care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Through clinical research, we’ve seen how remote patient monitoring positively affects people with diabetes, who are more likely to experience improved health outcomes, and healthcare providers, who are able to improve their standard of care,” said Johannesson. “What we’ve learned about telehealth visits is patients appreciate the ease of access, the more frequent touchpoints with their care teams and the overall convenience, but they do want remote and in-person care working together seamlessly moving forward.”

Haddad and Chan had also seen the rapid adoption and phenomenal growth of telehealth and virtual care services as a result of COVID-19 and patients being more open due to receiving safe continuous care from home.

Throughout the webinar, the leaders also shared insights on a variety of topics related to RPM and telehealth, including what clinical research is telling us about which patients who are benefitting the most, cost effectiveness and ROI, promising applications and what barriers, including health disparities, that exist that would halt widespread adoption.

Watch the full webinar below for more insights and contact our team to learn how remote patient monitoring can help improve the health outcomes of people with diabetes and related chronic conditions.

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