Glooko Mobile App Simplifies Tracking Food Intake for People with Diabetes

Glooko Mobile App's Food Tracker for Diabetes

January 18, 2023 || Written By: Glooko

Glooko Mobile App Food Tracker for Diabetes

​​Tracking Food Intake in the Glooko Mobile App for DiabetesFood is a critical component in the management of diabetes.

​​People with diabetes can use the Glooko mobile app, available in the App Store and Google Play Store, to easily log their food intake and keep a historical account of how food affects their chronic condition.

The data from daily meals can be viewed alongside data from compatible diabetes and health monitoring devices, medications and insulin to reveal trends and patterns to better understand what is affecting a person’s diabetes

Tracking food consumption in our digital health app can be handled in multiple different ways, including by searching the food database, using voice capture or scanning a barcode.

The Food Tracker in the Glooko Mobile App for DiabetesThe Glooko mobile app simplifies tracking food consumption while allowing users to explore nutrition facts, including carbohydrates, calories, fats and proteins.

Frequent users of the food tracker can also create personalized custom food entries of their favorite meals, so they don’t need to re-add portions multiple times.

“The food tracker feature in our mobile app allows users to see how the food they’re consuming each day may affect their diabetes,” said Glooko Chief Product Officer Ed Marshall. “Being able to see all the data in one place gives users the ability to understand how they’re doing and make informed decisions about their health.”

Glooko Food Tracker for Diabetes

The Glooko mobile app and its food tracker feature is also constantly evolving to meet the needs of our global users.

To better support users in the U.K., France, Germany and Spain last year, we added unique regional food items that are searchable in British English, French, German and Spanish to our connected care app.

For handy ways on how to use the food tracker, follow along with healthy eating and living tips from Glooko’s resident dietitian, Bridget Wood, RD, LD, CDCES.

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