Collaboration and Advocacy Define Hadley’s Experience Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Team Glooko Diabetes Month Hadley

November 10, 2022 || Written By: Glooko

Team Glooko Diabetes Month Hadley

In honor of American Diabetes Month, we’re sharing stories of Team Glooko members who are living with diabetes or helping a family member who is impacted by the chronic condition.

Hadley Horton, a partner manager at Glooko, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in November of 2009.

When she’s not staying active to keep her blood sugar stabilized, she acts as an advocate for people with diabetes. She believes those with diabetes understand and are aware what it means to live with the condition best. In the past, she’s mentored youth with diabetes and their peers to remind them they’ll lead a normal life just like she has.

Based in Denver, Colorado, her role at our connected care company allows her to collaborate with teams across Glooko and our partner, Insulet, on how to expand and improve our digital health platform.

“In order to have a successful partnership, you need to work with everyone from product developers to patients,” said Hadley. “My role has given me a new perspective into the digital therapeutics space, as well as understanding of the broader diabetes industry.”

With her knowledge from working alongside partner companies, living with diabetes and using the Omnipod 5 in her daily life, she’s able to lend valuable insights into the continuous development of the Glooko app to enhance our product for users around the world.

Listen to her story.

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