Mission-Driven Head of Support Helps Enhance Glooko Platform and App

Living with Diabetes Team Glooko Phil

November 28, 2022 || Written By: Glooko

Living with Diabetes Team Glooko Phil

In honor of American Diabetes Month, we’re sharing stories of Team Glooko members who are living with diabetes or helping a family member who is impacted by the chronic condition.

On September 11, 2001, Phil Krieg, the global head of customer support and supply chain for Glooko, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

While he’s only been at our connected care company for two years, he had always wanted to work at Glooko and was passionate about joining to further our mission since he’s been a long-time user of our app.

In his role, he works directly with people with diabetes and in many situations, the parents of children with diabetes, to help solve their issues. In these moments, it can be an especially scary time for parents.

“Empathy is key in my position,” said Phil. “I work closely with the users I’m supporting to work through any problems they’re facing as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Leading the support team from California, he’s able to easily collect and share feedback from customers on the design of Glooko with the product development team, who is always willing to take new ideas and work them into fruition to further enhance the connected care solution.

And as one of the many people on Team Glooko living with diabetes who uses the mobile app on a daily basis, his mission-driven nature goes into the product design as well.

“I’m always looking for ways to improve our app and make it better for users, like myself,” said Phil.

Hear his story.

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