Glooko to Present Patient Outcomes Showing Impact of Remote Patient Monitoring and Coaching on Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes

Presented at 2021 Annual Meeting of the American Diabetes Association

WASHINGTON, June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A study of the use of remote patient monitoring (RPM) with diabetes patients demonstrated improved and sustained glycemic control at 3-, 6- and 12-month intervals among people with type 2 diabetes (PWT2D). Participants remotely shared their glucose data with care teams and received remote-based coaching interventions. The data will be presented during a poster session beginning today at the 81st Scientific Sessions (virtual) of the American Diabetes Association and are sponsored by Glooko, Inc.

The study investigated whether PWT2D demonstrated improved glycemia after participating in RPM programs of varied scope and duration at 11 different healthcare systems across the United States. Program participants were instructed to regularly sync their blood glucose meters with either a mobile app or a computer-based software during the program. Synced glucose data were made available to the RPM care teams via a web-based dashboard, and remote coaching was administered either regularly and/or as needed. The study’s analyses evaluated glycemic outcomes derived from self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) data recorded from RPM program participants at various intervals throughout the RPM program (up to 12 months).

The results show immediate (3 months) and sustained (6 and 12 months) glycemic improvement compared to baseline (all Ps < .05), including:

1. Decrease in average glucose by ~12% (~20 mg/dL)
2. Increase in the average proportion of in-range (70-180 mg/dL) glucose readings by ~22% (~13 percentage points)
3. Decrease by ~42% (~6 percentage points) in the average proportion of high glucose readings (>250 mg/dL)

The analysis included 424 PWT2D among whom 46% were females and the median age [IQR] was 50 [42-59] years. Cross-sectional comparisons were made at the start of the program and at 3 (N3 = 331), 6 (N6 = 228), and 12 months (N12 = 129) of RPM program participation.

“The emergence of digital health tools like connected devices and mobile apps for self-management has not only helped people with type 2 diabetes in the daily management of their disease but also facilitated the sharing of their data with their care teams,” said Mark Clements, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer of Glooko and practicing endocrinologist. “These results demonstrate that, with access to patient data, care teams can identify patients with sub-optimal glycemic control and provide them with timely, remote-based interventions outside of routine clinic visits that lead to significant glycemic improvements in the near term as well as on a sustainable basis.”

The analysis also found that the average proportion of hypoglycemic readings (<70 mg/dL) did not change.

The poster at the virtual ADA meeting is # 467-P, “Immediate and Sustained Trends in Glycemic Control during Remote Patient Monitoring in People with Type 2 Diabetes,” by Tong Sheng, PhD, Sarine Babikian, PhD, Vikram Singh, M Eng, and Mark A. Clements, MD, PhD.

Additionally at ADA, the Company will present the following on-demand panel:

Registered attendees of the 81st Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association will have on-demand access online to “Between Two Appointments: How to Leverage Daily Diabetes Data (In-clinic & Remote) to Improve Patient Outcomes,” an expert-led ADA Diabetes Learning Byte panel. This 20-minute discussion will be with endocrinologist Mark Clements, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer, Glooko and Zach Henderson, Chief Commercial Officer, Glooko, both industry veterans with extensive background in healthcare data and analytics. They will explore how to leverage patient diabetes data captured by glucose meters, pumps, smart pens, fitness and health apps, and other wearables and use it in ways that lead to healthy patient outcomes. They will also discuss available solutions for remotely using patient-collected data between appointments to better inform care plans and address emerging risks. The on-demand presentation will be available June 25 through September 29 via the registration of ADA attendees at

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