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Glooko Demonstrates Better Diabetes Management and Outcomes Through Clinical Studies

Glooko: Better Diabetes Management Infographic

Marzo 07, 2023 || Autor: Glooko

Glooko: Better Diabetes Management Infographic

At Glooko, we improve the health outcomes of people with diabetes and related chronic conditions through our personalized, intelligent, connected care platform. Our proven technologies make lives better by revolutionizing the connection between patients and healthcare providers, driving patient engagement and adherence via digital therapeutics, and accelerating the speed of clinical trials.

Through multiple clinical studies conducted, we’ve observed immediate and sustained improvements across multiple glycemic outcomes following remote patient monitoring (RPM). These findings show that RPM provides multiple clinical benefits and improved outcomes for people with diabetes.

Some of the highlights of our real-world data studies include:

  • Delivering Improved and Sustained Glycemic Control1,2,3

  • Use of the Glooko Mobile App Improving Glycemic Outcomes in 2 Months4

  • Declining Patient Outcomes  6-8 Weeks After Stopping Using Glooko5

Download the infographic (PDF) below for findings from our studies.

Glooko: Better Diabetes Management Infographic

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