Glooko: A Career Path and Tool for Managing his Daughter’s Diabetes

Glooko Living with Diabetes Patrick

November 18, 2022 || Written By: Glooko

Glooko Living with Diabetes Patrick

In honor of American Diabetes Month, we’re sharing stories of Team Glooko members who are living with diabetes or helping a family member who is impacted by the chronic condition.

As a senior account manager at Glooko for the past 2.5 years, Patrick Watkins has helped hospital systems, healthcare providers and clinics maximize their functionality and take full advantage of what our digital health platform has to offer their patients with diabetes and related chronic conditions.

While Patrick himself isn’t living with diabetes, his daughter, Nuala, has been living with type 1 diabetes for over six years. Through the use of a closed loop system, the Glooko app and telehealth appointments, Patrick and his wife keep Nuala safe and healthy like any other child.

The duo, who act as JDRF ambassadors, are also dedicated to ensuring that other families know that their child, newly diagnosed with diabetes, will lead a healthy life and acclimate to living with the condition.

In Patrick’s role at our connected care company, he’s able to understand what his customers are faced with from both the patient and caregiver perspective due to his experiences at home. He’s also able to synthesize the various needs of providers, people with diabetes and caregivers to our product development team and ensure the best experience for all users of our app and platform.

“I really appreciate working at Glooko and being among so many people with diabetes,” said Patrick. “It’s a special place since so many people have the insights from using the app in their daily lives, so they’re constantly able to help build an even better product.”

Listen to his story.

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